Muscle Aches, Eczema, Psoriasis, Arthritis, Bone Spurs, Rashes & Insect Bites.


Today I woke up and I couldn’t move.  My back was killing me after moving furniture all weekend.  I use Rubi’s Rub on my hands for arthritis all the time it works wonderful. So I asked my husband to please rub some on my back. When I got back up around 30 minutes later I had no pain and I was able to go about my day. I highly recommend Rubi’s Rub to anyone who suffers from pain.

L. Marie
Los Angeles

I started using Rubi’s Rub because I get frequent migraines I’ll rub a little on my temples 10 minutes later my headache is gone.

Bellflower California

I starting using Rubis Rub about two months ago I was diagnosed with arthritis in both my knees I apply it two times a day after a hot shower. Both my knees feel great I wake up in the morning and my knees don’t hurt.   

La Habra Heights

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